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With office and manufacturing facilities covering 30,000 m², Baumann develops and produces turnkey automation systems for customers from various international industries including automotive supplies, electronics, domestic appliances. Everything from a single source − from a single robot cell to a fully automated production line. Rationalisation, quality improvement and traceability are the key criteria which Baumann utilises to develop flexible automation systems. Our top priority is to provide our customers with pioneering solutions that meet their needs.

The philosophy of our company is “to deliver quality production efficiently”.

In our brochure you will find detailed information about our company, our products as well as our corporate philosophy.

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People at Baumann

Long-term cooperation with our customers and partners demonstrates the continuity, quality and flexibility of our company. We set extremely high standards at all levels of our business, from the initial idea to the perfect realisation of your project.

With 40 years of experience in a wide range of industry sectors we know the market and recognise the latest trends and developments in industrial production, providing you with flexibility and efficiency gains and a competitive advantage in your industry.

Our modules provide the basis for every conceivable process integration technique. Baumann also supplies all the necessary certificates for quality and CE approval for individual automation solutions.

Our entire team works tirelessly to offer you the best concepts for an excellent cost-benefit ratio in order to improve yourproduct quality and develop a decisive competitive edge by increasing your system flexibility.

We are dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality.  

People at BAUMANN


The history of Baumann GmbH

1984  Dr.-Ing. Georg Baumann establishes Ingenieurbüro Baumann. The company initially focuses on design and construction processes and special purpose machinery for industry in the local region. The first machines are manufactured and programmed at the company's premises in 1987.

1991 The company focuses on industrial automation using automation technology and robotics. Robotics together with flexible automation software become Baumann's core competences. In the meantime, Baumann has become a leading system integrator for the manufacturers Stäubli and KUKA.

1999 Development of the first standard robot cells with software developed in-house and user-friendly human-machine interface (HMI).

2009 Foundation of the business divisions Handling & AssemblyTest SolutionsPhotovoltaic at the headquarter in Amberg, Germany.

2010 Foundation of worldwide service support centres including Baumann Automation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Baumann is now a world leader in automated assembly technology.

2013 Foundation of S.C. Baumann Automation S.R.L. in Cluj, Romania.

2016 Expansion of the office- and manufacturing area to 20.000 square metres at the  headquarter Amberg.

2017 Commissioning of the new logistics centre.

2018 Baumann Automation decided to hold a majority stake in Vectralis based in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico.

Today The company boasts over 40 years of experience in industrial automation, and customers put their trust in Baumann's turnkey manufacturing solutions. Over 6,800 systems and over 870 employees worldwide guarantee effective and efficient production processes.

"New products are increasingly complex, both mechanically and electronically. Without automation, meeting these demands would be impossible, considering the high quality requirements. Thus, the growth rate of assembly technology continues to increase worldwide. It also contributes to long-term employment opportunities in high-wage economies such as Germany."

Dr.-Ing. Georg Baumann

Dr.-Ing. Georg Baumann

Mission statement

BAUMANN – code of conduct

Baumann has issued the Code of Conduct to ensure sustainable conduct, integrity and compliance with legal provisions and ethical standards. The Code of Conduct is firmly embedded in our corporate values and employees around the world are obliged to implement it on a daily basis. Our company management acts in compliance with the Code of Conduct which is based on internationally applicable standards.

The Code of Conduct contains internal regulations and external voluntary commitments which stipulate the conduct when dealing with partners, employees and the company. Signing the Baumann Code of Conduct is mandatory for all of our partners. We thereby oblige our partners to comply with these principles and to pass the Code of Conduct on to their employees and integrate it into their processes, so as to facilitate a fair and trusting cooperation. Read more in our Code of Conduct Brochure

Baumann - customer relations

BAUMANN – customer relations

Our customers value our demand for constructive and reliable cooperation to ensure long-term partnerships

We promote dialogue between customers and staff to generate added value through technology and knowledge: We supply innovative products that are both efficient and sustainable while providing the client with specific benefits.

This is the reason why Baumann continues to break new ground.

Baumann - customer relations

BAUMANN – machines

Only the best solution is good enough for us. The use of robotics to facilitate automation and the process integration required for this are among Baumann's core strengths.

Our goal is to supply the most technically and economically viable version with the highest performance software. This ensures we achieve outstanding customer loyalty and a high level of customer satisfaction. 

The on-going development of our products to meet the increasing performance demands of modern manufacturing machinery is a key element in the role we play.

Baumann - machines

BAUMANN – people

Our staff members appreciate the open, honest atmosphere in our company. This pleasant atmosphere allows them to focus fully on their work and on the customer. 

An excellent working environment and the appreciation shown to employees are essential to our success.

At Baumann social responsibility means offering young people high quality vocational training leading to good qualifications. 

This climate is the perfect environment for high standards of performance, as well as the ability to take on responsibility and make decisions.

The abilities of each individual employee grow as one within the company. Personality is not simply accepted, but encouraged. The guiding principle "people first" underlines and underpins our corporate culture.

Baumann - people

BAUMANN – suppliers

We are the customers of our suppliers. We treat our suppliers in the same way as we expect our customers to treat us. Purchases are made according to quality and reliability. 

Openness and fair treatment of each other are seen as a top priority. We give preference to suppliers from the local area.

Baumann - suppliers

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