Seeing exactly what's happening on the ground!

We will provide you or our Baumann service technician with voice-controlled data glasses as a "digital eye" for diagnostic potentials. Augmented Reality makes daily service and support assignments, as well as maintenance and inspections easier, faster and more efficient.

Our Baumann staff in the service office sees the system's status in detail and can provide you or the service technician on site with targeted support. In return, important information, such as drawings, instructions and so on, can be streamed to the glasses to simplify the troubleshooting process.

Potential uses of data glasses:

  •  Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Service assignments
  • Virtual preliminary acceptance
  • Virtual training


For the Baumann Support access, you can track the data collected by the glasses using the software tool.

Smart app: the smartphone as a third eye!

If data glasses are not available, we offer the short-term solution of using your smartphone as a digital eye for diagnostic potentials.

To make this possible, we have developed an app that you can download onto your smartphone. Important information (drawings, plans, etc.) can also be streamed onto your smartphone.

Data security

The security of your data is our highest priority. The control of the app or the data transfer takes place only by instruction and with your consent as the user.

The data itself is transmitted via an encrypted VPN tunnel. The transmission server is installed on our premises in Amberg and guarantees secure data transmission.

If you are interested in using our data glasses or would like more information, contact us with your request here:


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