06. Mär 2023

Baumann Automation supports humanitarian projects through donations every year.

At Christmas 2022, two social institutions received a total of € 8,000 and € 10,000 was donated for the earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria.

UNICEF for Turkey and Syria: 10,000 euros

The region around Turkey and Syria was shaken by a major earthquake on 6 February 2023, which caused enormous destruction and claimed human lives. Hundreds of thousands are homeless. In Syria in particular, aid is slow to arrive.

In both Turkey and Syria, conditions remain dramatic following the severe earthquake in the region. According to UN data, around 29 million people in both countries are affected.

Baumann Automation feels obliged to do its part to help the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. With a donation of €10,000, Baumann is supporting UNICEF to ensure that the urgently needed aid can be provided quickly and effectively.

The Baumann company hopes that the donation will bring some relief to the victims of the earthquake and support the reconstruction of the affected areas.

CERT Transilvania: 4,000 euros

In mid-December 2022, the 14th Christmas campaign organised annually by CERT Transylvania Romania took place. For the third time in a row, Baumann Automation participated with a donation - this time with 4,000 euros. In the pre-Christmas period, the 65 cars set out for the Apuseni Mountains in Transylvania to reach the homes of the poorer population. Many elderly people, needy families and children live in this area.

7 tons of food and products for daily use as well as sweets and toys were carefully packed into boxes and loaded into the cars of the humanitarian Christmas campaign during the 14th edition. On 7 routes, 460 packages could be handed over. About 150 needy families were reached, so there will be enough for the winter season and the first months of 2023. The volunteer team made a promise to the needy families that they would like to come again next year. Dan Negrea (Cluj Branch Manager) was involved in the preparation and distribution of the boxes. He describes that people give a lot back to him and the whole volunteer team through their kindness and gratitude, which motivates Dan to help every year.

Amberger Tafel: 4,000 euros

This year, Baumann Automation once again donated to the Amberger Tafel. The Amberger Tafel works with 85 volunteers whose task is to collect, sort and distribute the donated food. Every year, the volunteers collect around 250 tonnes of perfectly good food from 72 food markets, check and process it in accordance with legal requirements and hand out over 25,000 fully packed food baskets to around 8,000 needy people in our region.

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