E-mobility: Wall boxes installed on Baumann premises

22. Feb 2021

Electric cars are on the rise – Baumann Automation too is backing emission-free driving and has installed 26 charging points on its premises.

E-mobility: Wall boxes installed on Baumann premises
E-mobility: Wall boxes installed on Baumann premises
E-mobility: Wall boxes installed on Baumann premises

Situated in the customer car park (main entrance) are two columns with a total of four charging points, and the OsMi4 underground car park has another eleven wall boxes offering a total of 22 charging points.

Charging for visitors

The wall boxes are easy and safe to use: The charging station tells the electric car how much current it can take on board. At present, visitors, employees with private vehicles and those with company cars (via RFID responder) are allowed to charge from the wall boxes. Baumann Automation has used a range of hybrids as its company vehicles (including the VW Passat GTE Hybrid, Skoda Superb Hybrid, Mercedes GLC Hybrid, and the fully electric version of the Mercedes B Class).

The charging columns in the customer car park can supply cars with up to 22 kW of power from each point, those in the underground car park with up to 11 kW. Baumann Automation has a maximum charging capacity of 330 kW. The charging system as a whole is balanced by dynamic load management, a solution that guarantees a uniform current draw. The local company eCharge Hardy Barth handled the installation of the wall boxes.

Sustainable power generation by photovoltaic systems

Baumann Automation is a modern company with a sense of responsibility and awareness for climate-friendly processes: At the core of the company's philosophy are sustainable business practices and operations. On sunny days, the E-columns are supplied with solar power from renewable energy sources. The power is fed from the company's own photovoltaic systems, which are installed on the roof of Building 4 and coupled to the wall boxes.

E-mobility is a key issue for Baumann

Baumann Automation concerns itself with innovative tasks in industrial production, such as e-mobility, autonomous driving, digitalization and Industry 4.0. Taking its automation platforms as a basis, Baumann develops tailored solutions for its customers – from stand-alone assembly and test cells through to the fully automated production line.

E-mobility is a key issue for Baumann in the automation of production processes. Baumann Automation has been providing battery assembly systems for many years and is specialized in innovative automation solutions with networked production and control processors. Baumann's customers include renowned vehicle manufactures, with whom it collaborates to make innovative products for the e-mobility sector.

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