Do your systems require a general overhaul?                               

We repair your systems, including all installed components. If components are no longer available, we offer compatibility checks and calculate the integration and conversion costs.

Thanks to Baumann's extensive experience and comprehensive know-how, a general overhaul of your Bosch, KUKA and Stäubli robots is no problem. This obviously also applies to our own systems and system components.

We offer support for the following robots:

Bosch SR4 –  Bosch SR4+ – Bosch SR6 – Bosch SR6+ – Bosch SR8 – Bosch SR8+ –  Bosch SR6DP – Bosch SR8DP – Bosch SR60 –  Bosch SR80 – Bosch AR –  KUKA KR –  KUKA sixx –  KUKA Power Scara –  Stäubli RS –  Stäubli TX –  Stäubli TS

Do you require a spare parts?                               

Our spare parts service is available 24/7. Naturally we offer spare and replacement parts for our systems and also for third party installations.

We will gladly arrange a plant-specific spare parts package with you. Our delivery range includes original parts for Bosch, KUKA and Stäubli robots.

If urgently required, parts can be sent via express delivery or door-to-door.


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